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Marketing Master Planner

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This Jam-Packed Planner is the key to: 

Having a business with organized, highly-effective and systemized marketing that will bring you or your marketing team better results every month. 


This planner is designed for you if: 

▪️You are a new or established online business owner

▪️Tough marketing decisions are weighing in on you (guessing or winging it is NOT the answer)

▪️You don't have a solid Marketing Strategy 

▪️You want to hire a marketing team or SMM but you have no systems in place to pass down to them.


What this Planner does: 

→ Promotes smarter marketing decisions based on your goals, research and data that you will perform in your planner and Monthly Marketing Reflections.  

→ Creates a routine Marketing System for social media planning, email/sms planning, engaging and market research that you can utilize every month or even pass down to team members you hire into your brand 

→ Challenges you to look at the good and bad areas of your business so you can effectively improve

→ Increases sales with logical and effective marketing decisions


What this Planner Includes: 

→ A Guide on how to use your planner  

→ Disciplined Rules page to make the most out of your Marketing Planner 

→ Detailed Guide to powerful branding 

→Branding Profile section to reflect on your short-term and long-term goals, brand purpose, brand value and portrayal to assure your business is ready for effective marketing 

→ Detailed Guide on Target Audience and Competitors 

→ Dedicated section to learning and memorizing your target audience, your competitors and how your brand can takeover your industry 

→ Detailed Guide to powerful Market Research 

→ Monthly detailed homework assignments for Market Research, analyzing Social Media and Email analytics, Audience Research, Business Analyzing, Competitor Research, and Hashtag Research 

→ Monthly Marketing planning sections with Monthly business reflections, detailed planning, blank Content and Email/SMS calendars

→ Daily Social Media Engagement homework to grow your social presence. 

→ Dedicated section to Campaign/Giveaway planning 

This planner is designed for both new and established business owners to conquer their industry with millionaire marketing.