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Inventory Management Planner

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This hand-held planner is the answer to: 

→ Organizing your business inventory 

→ Having a clear understanding of your #s (When shipments normally arrive, when to restock, quantities to order, which products sell/don't, product costs of goods)

→ Creating a routine Inventory System you can regularly use and eventually pass down to warehouse associates in your business 


This planner is specifically made for you if: 

▪️The thought of keeping tracking of inventory is overwhelming

▪️You don't have a clear understanding of your inventory data 

▪️You overspend on inventory  

▪️You don't have a solid routine system to use or pass down

▪️You take long to restock and shipments get backed up 


What this Planner Includes: 

→ Detailed example sections to know how to use each section of your planner 

→ Shipment Process section to write out your entire process to fulfilling orders 

→ Product Cost Calculator with a breakdown to calculating the costs of ALL your products 

→ Months worth of budget planning sheets 

→ 10 Product Order Forms to track your costs, frequent vendors/products, and receipts to reflect on during tax season

→ New Shipment Checklist to keep track of quantities, vendor shipment times and missing/damaged items 

→ Restock Logs to analyze how often you restock on certain products and quantities you regularly purchase 

→ Inventory Logs to overlook how much inventory your business is sitting on 

→ 12 Months of Weekly Sales Trackers to see what items are selling and which ones aren't to identify what products to keep or let go of

This planner is designed for both new and established business owners looking to get organized and systemized!