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7 Things to Expect as a Female Entrepreneur

7 Things to Expect as a Female Entrepreneur

What to Expect as a Girl Boss

Nothing good comes easy, but this is why entrepreneurship is extremely rewarding. While being your own girl boss includes creating your own schedule, building a brand personality of your choice and having room to earn 6 figures or more- that road includes many hiccups along the way. So, grab your morning coffee, turn up your screen brightness and let's get into 7 things you should absolutely expect while growing as a business owner. 

Time - Management Overload

      Something that can be commonly misconceived from the outside looking in, is that if you're not physically punching into a clock, then your schedule is free as a bird. What many don't realize is that when you turn your head away from a 9-5 and step into entrepreneurship, you're actually choosing a 24 hour position, an 80 hour work week and that's no exaggeration.

      When you wear the hat as the girl boss, there's many areas you have to fulfill in your business and it doesn't matter how brand new your business is- it's a heavy load. You have to make it your business to stay organized, pace yourself to prevent burnout and enjoy the journey. As the CEO, you're also the campaign manager, finance tracker, inventory manager, tech specialist, hiring team and many other positions. Be prepared to take on this role until you can be fully delegated. 

Losing Some, Gaining Some

     While this may sound terrifying, entrepreneurship is risky- always has been and always will be. This is a fact that you have to accept, otherwise this field may not be for you. In the beginning, it's a little more nerve-racking but eventually you grow more accustomed to investing your money on a daily basis and being able to stomach both your wins and losses financially. You'd be surprised how many successful entrepreneurs can recall the many times they've spent their last on keeping their brand alive or how many have taken huge financial losses at the worst times.

      There's always an area in your business that can benefit from an investment so in order to expect business growth, putting in the money is a must. Unfortunately you will have bad financial days or weeks and also some very good ones too. Areas you may expect to invest in frequently is inventory, softwares/apps, marketing, branding, graphics and many more. 

Character Tests

      Something I never put into perspective until it became my life- is the many ways your character and principles will be put to the test as a female entrepreneur. Ask any successful woman and they'll tell you themselves that when it comes to leveling up you need to be mentally and emotionally prepared for carrying yourself as the woman that fills those shoes.

     As a successful woman you'll face daily challenges in your business that requires level-headedness, challenges in your personal life that could make you lose credibility if handled incorrectly and even people who will do anything to take your place. Be prepared to hold a heavy crown. 

Missing Out on Fun

     Now, don't get discouraged- im merely stating the janky areas in being a CEO (there's alot to smile about with being your own boss) but if you lack self-discipline this is not your field. There will be plenty of days you're missing out on Sunday brunch, girls night and family time because your schedule is loaded.  

      People around you will unintentionally have no respect for your time and feel like your grind is "excessive" but this is the life of an entrepreneur. It's still good to have balance with your personal life but don’t expect to have free time on your hands. Sometimes you have to take on a heavy workload on Monday so you can have fun on Friday. 

Customer Service Chaos

     A big area that could have a new entrepreneur ready to pull their hair out is customer chaos. This is one of the first areas I recommend hiring into because it can get very hectic. No matter how spectacular your business is, you will deal with many questions, sometimes complaints or harsh feedback and unfortunately chargebacks from fraud customers.

     All I can say is to simply be prepared, always handle situations with level-headedness, be respectful and set your boundaries when needed. Eventually, these situations will be a walk in the park. 

Making Hard Decisions

     When starting out your journey there are still tough decisions- which inventory to add or drop, where to put your expenses, etc. But unfortunately, as you and your business grows the decisions progressively get much harder. Personally, I was never prepared to make choices that look ugly on the outside to save my business.

     This can include shutting down storefronts and boutiques, ending an office lease, laying off several employees, pivoting your brand's mission. While all of it can get very ugly and rough, remember this is normal. 

Imposter Syndrome

 There will come a time when you’re marinating in everything you prayed for you, and while you know you should be celebrating- there’s this little cloud that wants to rain on all your success. This feeling of guilt and feeling unworthy of your position is imposter syndrome.

     This is very common in entrepreneurs (especialy females) & while I can’t fully justify it- I will say for many of us, it’s knowing all the mistakes and errors that came with growing as a business woman, that when others look up to you it may feel unnatural. When this happens, have affirmations in place to remind you that you’re worthy of all your fruit that you’ve labored.

     Long story short, like anything good in life- entrepreneurship comes with a very heavy load, headaches, rough days, tough decisions, self-doubt and alot of other obstacles. But getting through these challenges may give you the most rewarding feeling and life you could ever ask for. Stick to your plan, stay true to who you are and enjoy the journey.