I will be away this week but the next shipment date resumes on 12/11. Black Friday orders will be shipped out without any delays!

Thank you babes.

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Hear it from our Bossy Babes first how Bossy Blvd is the key to leveling up!

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Why I launched a wholesale business

I started as a luxury hair brand which I eventually got bored with. After experiencing the common struggles of sourcing a vendor, I knew if I started a reliable wholesale business, it would fill in the missing pieces in a fraudulent industry. I knew exactly how to help other business owners flourish.

"Starting a business is expensive"...

Kill the excuses sis. We went as far as launching a product that has everything you need to start a charm business on a budget! Launch a 6 figure plan with our charm kits!

Building brands on a Budget

Charm Hustle Kits

Bossy Blvd

Charm Hustle Kits


Start your own 6 figure charm business in 3..2..1

Includes Designer Charms and trays

Pink Pliers for creating bracelets 

Jump rings for latching charms onto bangles 

Assorted bangles in silver gold and rose gold

Holographic shimmery bag for organization